Project Highlights

Awarded the 2017 SCS Triangle Safety Award

2.5 Million CY of Ash Excavation.

87 acre lined ash pond closure.

150,000 CY of buttress soil placement.

62 acres of closure turf.

280,000 project man hours to date.

2000′ of GEO-Cell Road and Curbing.

Project Description: CBP Environmental, Inc. was contracted to relocate coal ash in four existing ash ponds, and to convert those ponds into an onsite closure system. SCS and Golder teamed up to design two separate onsite closures for the ash ponds. The site was covered with synthetic liner along with artificial turf over 90 acres.

Job Recap: CBP Environmental, Inc. teamed up with numerous vendors and suppliers to help achieve the closure of over 2.5 million cubic yards of ash. CBP worked with our client and to use new age techniques during the process of the ash removal. The team onsite created efficient safety protocols and methods that other sites and contractors are now using across all of the client’s projects. This project has one of the highest risk factors of removing 90′ of ash of a conveyance tunnel. The project has fought through record breaking rainfalls that has continually pushed through to maintain a good working relationship with our client.